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Alfalah Scholarships

ALFALAH SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME was set up in 1998 when a few mindful educators discovered that a good variety of promising and talented

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pupils have to quit their research studies or some trainees with the exceptional educational document can not go to higher education as a result of monetary challenges. All these philanthropists embarked on to avert this national loss and were determined to quest talent from among the clingy students. Thus this charity organization began to mobilize the abundant to fund these students.

With the passage of time, the nobility of the root cause of this company and the genuineness of purpose of the coordinators were widely recognized for its performance, transparency with sponsors/donors, and engagement of the public. This organization has instilled hope in the enthusiastic and forward-looking clingy students. Side-by-side, an excellent variety of people of the area and from abroad feel delighted to accept it as benefactors or sponsors for this noble reason.

Requirement Criteria

Students were having a minimum of 70 % marks (Matric) and 60 % marks (Inter, DAE, and also above), Minority pupils 65 % marks (Matric) and also 55 % marks (Inter, DAE, and above) in their last Board Exam.
Pupils of numerous levels from intermediate to master/professional degrees from all the districts of Pakistan, including Gilgit/Baltistan, can request scholarships.

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Eligible to Apply (Regular Students)

  1. Government Institutes
  2. Registered/Recognized Institutes
  3. Having more than 70% marks (Matric) and 65% marks (Inter, DAE, and above) in the last board/university exam.
  4. Minority students with 60% (Matric) and 55% (Inter, DAE, and above) can apply.
  5. Orphans
  6. Unfortunate/underprivileged families faced acute financial hardship, not more than an income of 40,000/month.

Ineligible to Apply:

  1. Ph.D., M.Phil, LLM, Religious & Cultural studies
  2. Allama Iqbal Open University and Virtual Universities
  3. Studying at Lavish Institutes
  4. Studying abroad
  5. Self-Finance Basis
  6. Sound Financial position
  7. Receiving a scholarship from any other organization or Government

Required Documents

  1. Application-Form (Download Form)
  2. Bonafide Certificate – Specimen (Download Form)
  3. Iqrar Nama for Inter, BA, BSc, B.Com (Download Form)
  4. Iqrar Nama for Medical, Engineering, BS(H), Master, MS, LLB, DAE (Download Form)
  5. Scholarship Continuation Form – Already Approved Applicants (Download Form)

How to Apply:

Download the application form, print it, obtain the kind confirmed from the head of your institution, and mail it to your concerned region with the call for accessories. A checklist of all the nine areas is provided at the end of the application revealing required information.

ALFALAH SCHOLARSHIP plan office will undoubtedly make an independent question regarding students’ monetary standing, and the Executive Body will undoubtedly make the final decision. If the information needed from the pupil’s side is complete, the whole process must not take greater than three months. As the readily available funds are constantly restricted, the ALFALAH SCHOLARSHIP system can only select the most deserving applicants. Option requirements are mainly based on academic accomplishments, family income, and the number of dependents in the family.

Scholarships are granted to intermediate, DAE, Graduation/Post Graduation, and Specialist Level Trainees. Approved Scholarship receivers are anticipated to pay it back in Sponsoring a needy trainee like them when they are utilized after the conclusion of their education or at least repay the fundamental scholarship quantity in easy installments on a regular monthly basis.

Motivation Letter for Scholarship with Examples

Apply Now:

Alfalah Scholarship Student Service Team is all trained to work with young people, and as part of the team, we have other students support the application process.

For Application Process Contact to Alfalah Scholarship Scheme Regional Office

Visit your nearest Regional office of the Alfalah Regional Coordinator.

Regional Coordinator Contact Details

Mobile: +92 333 4034 545 +92 345 1414457
(Calling Times: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm)
Phone: +92 423 5957 260 +92 537 701299
(Calling Times: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm)

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