Why Are You the Best Candidate for this Scholarship

Imagine you are sitting in front of a choleric person with a heavy mustache and a death stare in his eyes; let’s call him “John.” You are having an interview for a scholarship grant and are doing pretty well. Suddenly, John asks you,” why are you the best candidate for this scholarship?”. You’re deluded and don’t know how to answer this question.

Why are you the best candidate for this scholarship
Why are you the best candidate for this scholarship

We know this could be a nightmare for every student who is going to apply for a scholarship. But, You need not fret as we’ll be talking about this burning question. After interacting with experts and those who experienced the test, we have prepared a guide to answering this question.

Let’s get straight into it.

(You can also take an idea from this guide even if you are going to write a scholarship essay.)

Say About Yourself

Experts believe that the secret to writing a good scholarship essay is to make it about yourself and include significant facts about your life in your answer (In case you’re going to write a scholarship essay). It will stand out in a sea of writings that may not bore judges who are reviewing hundreds or even thousands of papers.

Now, you can’t say or write anything that sounds good only to you, and indeed you have to make up the answer. One way of doing this is to focus on the question and your purpose. Be honest, and this will make your response stand out among others, and it might impress John.

Be Specific

Shore, an expert who reads essays related to scholarship, says that most of the mistakes, students make while addressing this question, is that they don’t follow a direction. It gives a horrible impression of yourself, and it might expel you from the race.

So, always be specific and be oriented. Describe yourself while following a direction. And don’t go over the boundaries in presenting yourself in front of the judges.

Talk about your achievements

Your goal is to get a bursarship that supports you through your career. For this opportunity, you have to craft your answer in such a way that it should impress the authorities.

Talk about your achievements. Your achievements can be either academic or non-academic. Prepare a backstory at home before going for the interview. You can also make up a story, but you can’t lie about winnings as the authority can demand proof. As I told you earlier, be honest as much as you can.

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Why do you want this scholarship?

I understand, that sometimes, it can be challenging to traverse your history and determine which academic and personal achievements are significant and which are not. Like me, you can be a student who doesn’t have any tremendous achievements to talk about. In such a scenario, you should focus on the questions that make you the best fit for the scholarship, like why you want to get the scholarship. You can try out answering the following questions:

  • Why is this scholarship so essential for me?
  • Have you dealt with any complicated or stressful situations in the past?
  • If you’re given the scholarship, what benefit will you provide to the college for academic achievements?
  • What are your unique traits or qualities that make you protrude among others?

Questions like these and many others can help you achieve your goal. Remember, practice is key to success. Execute these questions before going for a scholarship interview.

Learn from others

Get in touch with those who have already gone through this process of the scholarship application. Learn how these students have prepared their cover letters and how they surpassed this milestone. Look for their strategies and try to adapt them. You don’t have to copy them exactly, but you can learn from them.

Secondly, try to meet some mentors who are experts in this field. A wise man once said, and I quote,

A mentor can teach you in 10 minutes what he has learned in 10 years.

These are the strategies that you can use to answer that question to John.

An example answers

Let’s try to implement what we have learned so far.


I consider myself deserving of your scholarship program since I am a devoted student who will try to make the best out of the opportunity provided to me through this program. As a side note, I am always looking for ways to make my society better through volunteerism.

The key to success, in my opinion, is a decent education, and I strive to combine my enthusiasm for knowledge with my desire to assist others. Therefore, I became a pro-community group that teaches English and basic legal information to foreign employees to help them integrate with the nation.

Also, I’ve held some leadership roles within the community. From 2018-to 2020, I was a programming assistant at a local institution. The Student Vice President at my previous college was another position I had. As a research supervisor for an anti-discrimination club, I conducted group talks about social equality.

Giving individuals with less power and wealth access to school is one of my biggest goals. This scholarship will help me focus better on my studies, allowing me to better serve those I deal with daily in my community-based group and my public health career.

Sounds cool. Isn’t it?

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Be positive while going for a scholarship interview/essay. Don’t say sentences like “I am the best fit” or “I deserve more than others.” Everyone is already saying this. Try to stand out. Avoid repeating the same word over and over as it sounds unprofessional. Also, don’t use “very” and “really.” Use simple words and also take help from idioms. It will boost your chances of success. We wish you luck with your scholarship essay/interview.


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